Corexall aluminum manufactures quality products that will meet today’s requirements for the rapidly expanding energy sector, and it increases its product portfolio by closely following technological developments and improving production quality on a daily basis.

Why Aluminum?

  • Lower carbon emissions
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity with special alloyed products
  • Weather resistant
  • Decorative
  • It is not toxic, gas tight
  • Optimum cost-benefit balance
  • High ability to reflect light and heat
  • Nonmagnetic, non-flammable, stainless
  • Wind and solar energy systems
  • Wind turbine body components
  • Sun shading profiles
  • Solar panel and aluminum parts of solar energy fields
  • Frame structure and assembled systems for floors and ceilings


Pipe Bar and Sheet Bar Products for Power Plants / Switching Stations

  • Advantage of being shaped by bending
  • Alloy and product development specific to customer demand
  • Lighter material than substitute products
  • Suitable and special packaging alternatives for shipment to overseas countries
  • Type testing and material conformity checks in accordance with international norms


Electrical And Electronics Industry

  • Electronic motor casing
  • Lighting fixtures and led profiles
  • Coolant profiles
  • Semi-finished products specific to electronics industry
  • Lighting poles and bollard
  • Corona ring
  • Management of all production processes from one center