Quality Certificates

The company aims to achieve operational excellence in its main areas of activity. It constantly improves its processes, products, and services by focusing on customer experience with high-quality products and services. Its aluminum profiles have TSE, ISO 9001, QUALICOAT, QUALANOD, and IATF 16949 certificates. In addition, all accessories produced have an ISO quality certificate.

The company also aims to use natural resources, especially energy, responsibly and efficiently to reduce environmental impacts with a life cycle approach and to recycle waste by evaluating it at its source. For this reason, by participating in the GreenStars Program developed in the field of sustainability by Yıldız Technical University, one of Türkiye’s leading and well-established universities, it has been audited for its activities and investments in the name of sustainable development, and it has been entitled to receive the Greenstars certificate.